When I’m at my part-time job, my curious co-workers sometimes ask, “What is it you do when you’re not here?” And I explain to them that, in addition to regular household stuff, I paint. Given that this is a website about my paintings, I imagine and hope that you’ll think of it the other way around – “What is it you do when you’re not painting?”

As noted, I do have a part-time source of actual income – Tuesdays through Thursdays I am an assistant at a small charter school in the city of Rochester, NY. “Assistant” covers a lot of ground, from maintaining the comings and goings of the library and planning retirement parties, to putting hundreds of pint-size containers of 2% milk in the refrigerator, running copies, and stuffing envelopes. I love the school, I love my job, and I love my schedule.

I also love cooking, much to my husband’s delight, and experiments in the kitchen, much to his chagrin. After more than a few culinary mistakes (including some truly awful cumin-flavored pancakes), my cooking endeavors now often involve a recipe from one of three fabulous websites.

I spend an inordinate amount of time browsing craigslist and thrift shops for for free/cheap stuff.

Canoeing, hiking, reading, home repair, board games, music, crafts… the days fill up!