“We took down all the pictures, and then we took down all the walls
Packed up our expectations, and piled ‘em up in the hall” ~Ani Difranco

We are moving. A little at a time. Little carloads at a time. LOTS of little carloads. It is amazing how many boxes and loads of miscellany a couple can accumulate over the years. What do other people do with their college art portfolios, old text books, year books, Christmas decorations, etc. I know other people our age don’t store all this stuff and move it every time they get a new apartment. Is it stored at their parents’ house? Did they throw it away? I can’t imagine getting rid of everything we tuck into the backs of our closets, yet every time we move I see things and thing “Huh, I haven’t seen that since we moved in and shoved it in the back of the closet. I wonder if I would miss it if I tossed it.” I probably wouldn’t consciously miss all the things we store, but the process of getting rid of all of it makes me sad.

So far we have packed and moved about 20 coffee mugs, 300 books, 50 framed paintings and pictures, camping gear, old files, curtains, and boxes upon boxes of all sorts of other things. With the exception of the naked windows and blank walls, the place we’re moving out of still feels impossibly full. How could we have moved so much and still have so much left? It’s like when you eat and eat and eat and your dish at the Olive Garden still looks full. How can that be?

Within a couple weeks, the whole process will be complete and we’ll be snug in our new home, all our sentimental stuff shoved into a back closet, not to be seen for another year. Well, what else are closets for?