At the end of April, we bought a house. Such a simple statement for such a big event! For several weeks after that, my painting efforts were focused on walls rather than canvases. The room that was once flourescent blue is now “spring green” (I have always been a sucker for the fun names of latex paint colors) and the basement sports some new colorful accents. I’ve been spending less time on crafts and artwork and more time on home improvement, which is a sort of craft in itself.

A thoughtful family friend bought us a variety of tools, and we* have been off and running. Our instinct is not to wait around on home projects, but rather to fix things as soon as we think of them. Ugly paint job – no more! Broken lid on a built in blanket chest – fixed! Awkward handrail to the basement – improved! Gigantic crater left in the back yard after the removal of the above-ground pool … well, we’re still working on that one.

Rest assured that although my attention has been swayed toward other endeavors, Artful Creations continue and will be posted soon…A painting, a collage, and a felt appliqué project are on their way.

*This is not the “royal we”; it actually refers to Ken and I, who in our homeownership have been sharing fairly equal parts of home improvement.