Work has been a little hectic lately. That is, the work I do at my job, not the work I do that is my art. It’s state testing season here in NY, and we’re also gearing up for a big event at the end of the month. Now it’s true that, generally speaking, I don’t have a high stakes job…

I am responsible for neither the lives of others nor large sums of money. If I ever needed to miss a day, my workplace would keep on rolling without me, although several people would be somewhat inconvenienced.

All of this aside, I still take my job pretty seriously, and when there are lots of things to be done, and little time to do them, I still get agitated. I still worry about what will happen if I mess up.

Sometimes the stress in my life keeps me from making artwork – I’d rather take a nap, read, zone out, or just try to get organized. But there are rare sparkling moments when the negative parts of my life course through my arms and out my brush and make something I think is pretty cool.