The big buildup for the art show/sale is over, for now at least, and I am ready to settle in to some fabulous fall coziness.

Knitting and crocheting are two of my favorite cool-weather indoor activities, and I’m geared up for it this year. I went with my friend Vanessa to the Finger Lakes Fibers Festival a few weeks ago, a day we filled watching a flax to linen demonstration, touching every available piece of wool, angora, and mohair, petting sheep and alpacas, and of course shopping. I bought a drop spindle and some beautifully died wool roving, and I have been trying my hand at spinning. Pretty soon I will have enough to start working into some fingerless gloves/wrist warmers.

And although we’re not quite there yet, weather-wise, I’m also excited for wearing a sweater while I paint because I refuse to turn the heat up over 62*. Having a little bit of a chill in my nose and fingertips makes me feel more like I’ve got a drafty loft studio in NYC rather than a corner of the living room for my work space :)

The Artists Row show was great, by the way, and although I didn’t sell too much (and even less to people who weren’t friends or family!) I did hand out lots of cards and talked to lots of people who seemed interested in my work. The public market is a great spot for people from all over the greater Rochester community to come together, and I was happy that so many people I knew stopped by to support me – thanks everyone!