I painted “Pink Tree” (for lack of a better title) last February and just got around to scanning it. I really like this painting, despite the fact that it is mainly bubblegum pink and I tend to disdain anything using such an overtly feminine color. The idea for it started one day when Ken and I sat down to draw. What do two people with not a lot of money but plenty of free time do? I think it was my suggestion – “Let’s do art!”

Ken is a talented illustrator, and loves working with colored pencils, of which we have quite a collection. I, on the other hand, prefer working with anything that can get me a little messy. I took an Art Therapy class once in college, and we talked about how people with different personalities require different media. It made sense to me – I like paint, and clay, and things that I can glue together. Of course it depends on mood too… but I’m getting off the point.

So we sat down to draw, and I made this:

I just thought it would be fun to make swirls. A year or so later, I thought I’d try making it a painting, and thus it became this:

Ah, that’s more like it.