October 21, 2010 Post a comment

Do you ever have a day when you think “oh look! I am, in fact, awesome”? I don’t mean this to sound conceited. I have a lot of days when I think I am really not awesome, but every now and then there comes a day when I get the babe down for a nap and have time to clean up after breakfast, mop the floors, bake a quiche, wash the dishes, pack a picnic lunch, and still have time to start a blog post before she wakes up.

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New Direction

September 24, 2010 Post a comment

When I started this website four years ago, I intended to use it to display my paintings, but I also knew I wanted to keep it flexible. I didn’t call it because I knew there might be a time when I would want to change the focus from artwork to … well, I didn’t know at the time, but something else. I chose A Yellow Wood from the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken” (see ) because I was at a point in my life where I felt I was choosing between two paths – a focus on a career or a focus on art, home, and life. I chose the latter, and yes, it has made all the difference.

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Lazy days of summer

August 7, 2009 Post a comment

Yes, It’s been a while since I’ve posted. All summer, really. Well, it’s summer. Who wants to be cooped up sitting at a computer? Although I have spent a good portion of my summer doing just that. But I also have a good excuse – being 9 months pregnant saps a lot of my energy and motivation. I’ve been less inclined towards painting lately, and more inclined towards…

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Spring, and Bank on Art

May 19, 2009 Post a comment

Spring is here! Thank goodness. There were days when winter seemed endless, but now the sun shines until well into the evening, and yard work (which abounds) seems more of a past time than a chore. The longer days mean more light too, which means more motivation for working on painting projects…

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Things I like about…

February 23, 2009 Post a comment

Things I like about winter (post-Holidays):

  • Even though the sun shines less, it is still bright because of the white snow
  • Sometimes there are deer in our backyard looking for food and they are pretty (and I don’t get mad because there aren’t really any plants for them to ruin)
  • I can make fires in the fireplace
  • I can be lazy about the house and not feel guilty for not going outside

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